The following is a letter from a recent student of FDS Coaching to Terry Laughlin, founder of Total Immersion:


I'd bought and read your book and DVD (FME), and just yesterday finished a two-day TI clinic in Aurora.  I've got a lot of coaching experience in other sports (I'm a senior coach with USA Weightlifting, and strength coach at a big high school).  I wanted to let you know that my two days under the tutelage of Brian Vande Krol was some of the best sport-technique coaching I've ever seen or experienced.  The technical expertise, love of the sport and techniques they were teaching, and easy, effective communication by Brian and his wife Courtney were just very special.  I personally vaulted forward in my own neophyte experience, and cannot wait to be back in the pool about 52 minutes from now to resume the kaizen journey.   Tangible results immediately:  4 SPL disappeared, and it got easier, not harder.   Easily the best $500 I've ever spent on sports instruction. 

Regards, Jim.
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