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Natural Resources and Human Rights: An Appraisal (Oxford University Press, 2018)

Jérémie Gilbert

In this book, Jérémie Gilbert argues that human rights law can play an important role in ensuring a more effective and sustainable management of natural resources, putting forward the idea of a human rights-based normative framework for natural resource management. Advocating for a less market and corporate approach to the control, ownership, and management of natural resources, this book supports the development of holistic and coherent integration of human rights law in the overall international legal framework governing the management of natural resources.

Shakespeare Before Shakespeare: Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, and the Elizabethan State (Oxford University Press, 2020)

Glyn Parry & Cathryn Enis

This ground-breaking study of the world of the young William Shakespeare in Stratford and Warwickshire discusses many recent archival discoveries to consider three linked families, the Shakespeares, the Dudleys, and the Ardens, and their battles over regional power and government corruption. Parry and Enis put William Shakespeare’s Stratford upbringing into significant historical context for the first time and provide new ways of thinking about Warwickshire and Elizabethan England.

Dancing with Parkinson's

Sara Houston

Sara Houston's research has transformed dance provision for people with Parkinson's, transforming their lives, significantly improving their wellbeing. Her work was the first in the UK to scrutinise how dance as art was experienced by people with Parkinson’s, the effects of dance on social and emotional wellbeing, balance, posture and gait, as well as the influence of people with Parkinson's on dance practice.

Antibiotic pollution in surface fresh waters: Occurrence and effects (Science of The Total Environment, 2019)

Marie-Claire Danner, Anne Robertson, Volker Behrends & Julia Reiss

Our researchers have shown that antibiotic concentrations in surface fresh waters reach up to 50?μg/L, single-celled pro- and eukaryotes are the most susceptible to antibiotic pollution. Changes can cascade through the food web and alter species interactions and antibiotics occur in mixtures and interact with other stressors such as temperature.

Transforming mental health interventions for young people

Cecilia Essau

Research led by Cecilia Essau showed that anxiety disorders which develop during adolescence can significantly predict the development of anxiety, depression and substance use disorders during adulthood and are associated with impairment in various life domains, such as poor adjustment at work and poor family relationships. Her research also established the connection between low self-esteem, cognitive dysfunction, and poor lifestyle, and the risk of developing anxiety and depression. This research has underpinned the development and dissemination of Super Skills for Life, a manualised transdiagnostic mental health intervention for children and adolescents, that has led to significant mental health improvements for young people across the globe.


Women as Imams: Classical Islamic Sources and Modern Debates on Leading Prayer (Bloomsbury, 2020)

Simonetta Calderini

Women as Imams discusses debates drawn from scholars of the formative period of Islam who engaged with the issue of female prayer leadership. Calderini critically analyses their arguments, puts them into their historical context, and, for the first time, tracks down how they have informed current views on female imams (prayer leadership). In presenting the variety of opinions discussed in the past by Sunni, Shi'i and Sufis scholars, this book uncovers how these sources are, at present, being used selectively, depending on modern agendas and biases. This ground-breaking book interrogates the cases of women who are reported to have led prayer in the past. It then analyses the voices of current women imams, many of whom engage with those women of the past to validate their own roles in the present and so pave the way for the future.

The Rise of Victorian Caricature (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020)

Ian Haywood

In this book, Ian Haywood retrieves and revaluates a rich haul of comic caricatures from the turbulent years between the Reform Bill crisis of the early 1830s and the rise and fall of Chartism in the 1840s. With a telling selection of illustrations, this book deploys the techniques of close reading and political contextualisation to demonstrate the aesthetic and ideological clout of a neglected tranche of satirical prints and periodicals dismissed as ineffectual by historians or distasteful by contemporaries. 

The Effects of Heat Adaptation on Physiology, Perception and Exercise Performance in the Heat: A Meta-Analysis (Sports Medicine, 2016)

Chris Tyler

This study led by Chris Tyler shows that heat adaptation regimens lasting induce many beneficial physiological and perceptual adaptations to high ambient temperatures, and improve subsequent exercise performance and capacity in the heat.

Translation and Localisation in Video Games: Making Entertainment Software Global (Routledge, 2015)

Miguel Bernal-Merino

In this multidisciplinary study of the translation and localisation of video games, Miguel Bernal-Merino offers a descriptive analysis of the videogame industry – understood as a global phenomenon in entertainment – and aims to explain the norms governing present industry practices, as well as game localisation processes. This book challenges some of the basic tenets of translation studies and proposes changes to established and unsatisfactory processes in the video game and language services industries.

Sounds of Intent

Adam Ockelford

Sounds of Intent is the result of over two decades of research into the musical development of neurodiverse children and young people with learning difficulties conducted by Adam Ockelford. A musical development framework was put in place that covers a whole range of abilities, from profound and multiple learning difficulties to those with autism. The framework is freely available on all platforms to anyone who wishes to use it and the strategy includes sending out free Sounds of Intent resource packs to Children’s Centres in England, Music Hubs and Early Years Lead Officers in Local Authorities.

Dynamics of Distribution and Diffusion of New Technology: A Contribution to the Historical, Economic and Social Route of a Developing Economy (Springer, 2016)

Mamata Parhi

This book presents a comprehensive study of adoption and diffusion of technology in developing countries in a historical perspective. Combining the development of growth trajectories of the Indian economy in general and its manufacturing industry in particular, the book highlights the effective marriage between qualitative and quantitative methods for a better understanding and explaining of many hidden dynamic behaviours of adoption and diffusion trend in manufacturing industry.

Primo Levi’s The Periodic Table

Graham White

Graham White’s body of adapted and original audio dramas, including his acclaimed take on the ‘Periodic Table’, a twelve-part adaptation of Primo Levi’s collection of short stories, have drawn on the performative elements of audio dramaturgy to explore the problematics of witnessing, memory and historical knowledge.

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