School of Arts and School of Humanities

The University has been implementing a recovery plan to address the severe financial impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and we need to continue on this path to secure our long-term sustainability. To help secure the long-term sustainability of the University, in 2020 we consulted on proposals to make savings in the School of Arts and School of Humanities where there has been a decline, over a number of years, in student numbers both nationally and at our own institution.

The intention was to put the Schools on a more sustainable footing to secure their future and allow the University to invest in academic areas where the student population is growing. Student recruitment trends for 2020/21 are likely to exacerbate imbalances in student population across our academic departments, which underlines the need to progress the proposed measures at this time to ensure that all subject areas of the university can continue to receive the resources they need.

For this reason, the University Council endorsed a proposal to reduce the academic payroll in the School of Arts and the School of Humanities to bring them back onto a sustainable path. The aim was to secure the identified savings through voluntary measures and a Voluntary Severance Scheme was opened for the academic staff from these two schools.

In December 2020 we were able to confirm that we are confident that we will realise our financial objectives for this year without the need to move to compulsory measures.

The Arts and Humanities remain an essential part of our University, and our character, and will play an important role in our future. We will be implementing initiatives to increase income in these areas, through new curriculum developments, new partnerships, and other student recruitment activities.

11 January 2021.