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Brian Vande Krol
Testimonials and Success Stories
Hey, Brian (and Courtney),
...You both made the whole process so positive and the instructional sequence worked so well, I feel like I have all the tools I need to move forward.  Brian, your wonderfullly, laid-back, intelligent and thoughtful style clarified and spotlighted the specifics of the concepts in a way that took us beyond the written materials.  You and Courtney both really "worked" the pool, as well, making sure each and every person there got what felt like a personal training session on both days.  And there was no such thing as "can't do it," in your attitudes or approaches to problems, so discouragement never got a foothold.  I'd give you both an A plus+plus+plus.  It's rare to find such effective instructors, with that combination of knowledge, skill, and the ability to take each student exactly where they are--youthful tri-athelete to out-of-shape grandmothers--and to help them get as far as they possiblycan in such a short period of time.  I'd have to say your teaching method matches the graceful efficient TI swimming style.  How cool is that!

Jacqueline Palmer, June 2, 2008, Freestyle Workshop Graduate

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop. You and Courtney are such fine teachers - clear, encouraging, committed to each one of us. It was an exceptional experience. And I (who have never been a swimmer) am now eager to get back in the water and build on all the skills that you have so superbly introduced us to. You are exceptional teachers. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to work with you.

Gudrun Rice, June 2, 2008, Freestyle Workshop Graduate
Hi Brian,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I have been to the pool twice since I returned from Denver and I am loving it! Swimming used to be a chore - a necessary evil to train for races. Now I have to make myself get out of the pool. I feel like I could swim forever. I look forward to working with you again during my next trip to Denver.

Thank you for helping me to love swimming!

Best, Liz Onufer, May 10, 2008, Private Coaching Client